Shredder Clock Destroys Your Money Unless You Wake Up

via WeTheUrban

If time is money, why waste it by continually smacking the snooze on your bedside alarm clock? This contraption will ensure you understand the literal cost of your morning laziness.

The Shredder Clock is just a concept, but it’s a pretty good idea, and a new spin on the notion that money is a great morning motivator. Other alarm clock inventions force you to feed them money before they’ll shut up, or automatically donate to charities that you hate until you get out of bed, but this one lets you see your money going to waste.

You could conceivably shred anything you find precious, from letters to pictures, so you wouldn’t have to stock it with Benjamins. Which actually might be a good idea, because as Mashable points out, willfully destroying legal tender is a federal crime. Is five more minutes of doze time really worth wasting a C-note and spending six months in prison?

This actually seems like a decent DIY project — it probably wouldn’t take much work to sync a paper shredder to your alarm clock. But it probably wouldn’t look this cool.