PopSci’s Guide to The Best New Kids’ Toys for Adults

From Toy Fair 2011, a dozen amusements for grown-ups
Photographer=Jeff O'Brien, Job#=1048154

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This time every year, PopSci spends a couple of enjoyable days scouting out the blinkingest, fastest, smartest, most glee-inducing new toys around. Toys, though, ain’t just kids’ stuff. Here are a dozen new tech-savvy toys even grown-ups can love.

Radica MindFlex Duel
Hot Wheels Video Racer
Nerf Supersoaker Thunderstorm
Battleship Live
SpinMaster Redakai Trading Cards
SpinMaster Air Hogs Hyperactive
BeatBots My Keepon
Activision Skylanders Spyro's Adventure
KHET 2.0
Tetris Link
Razor BoGo PogoStick
Desk Pets TankBot