Samsung Uncorks De-Bezeled UN65D8000 TV, Laptop/Tablet Hybrid, Sexy Skinny Blu-Ray Deck and More

All the worthwhile highlights from Samsung's CES press conference


Samsung’s CES press conference is usually the most lavish, and this year seems to be no different. Check out an up-close look at Samsung’s standout new gear here, including their best new TV and an interesting tablet-notebook hybrid.

8000-Series LED 3DTVs

Samsung’s top-of-the-line new LCD TV is the UN65D8000, a 65-inch 3-D LED set that one-ups last year’s ultra-thin sets by applying the same weight loss plan to the front-facing bezel, which is now just 0.2-inches thick.

Inside that slinky little bezel is a TV with all the current top-of-the-line trimmings: full web connectivity with access to Samsung’s Apps proprietary software store, a local-dimming LED backlight, 240Hz refresh rate and of course, active-shutter 3-D support.


7-Series Computer

Joining the tablet scum is this interesting hybrid machine that’s spec’d like a laptop (complete with a QWERTY keyboard) but folds into a touchscreen tablet. Unfortunately, it’s running Windows 7, which isn’t the slickest tablet experience.


BD-D7500 Blu-Ray Player

This slim deck is touted as the world’s thinnest Blu-ray player at 0.9-inches thick. It also sports a relatively svelte 3-second boot time.


9-Series Laptop

Spec’d similarly to Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Air, the 9 is a super-skinny, full-featured laptop with a Core i5 processor, 128GB SSD and built-in Wi-Max.