The Goods: November 2010’s Hottest Gadgets

Cheat at smoking your food, whiten your teeth more gently, purify water anywhere and more with these twelve new products

Every month we search far and wide to bring you a dozen of the best new ideas in gear. These gadgets are the first, the best and the latest.

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Canon PowerShot SX30 IS

Should you lose sight of your subject when maxing out the category-leading 35x zoom on this compact camera, its “zoom assist” button retracts the lens slightly so you can re-find the focal point and quickly snap back to your previous magnification.
$430; [

Easton Kilo Tent

At two pounds, Easton’s tent weighs less than any other two-person sleeper. It replaces the standard wound-aluminum cords that usually hold frames together with strong five-inch carbon-wrapped tethers at the joints.

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

The 25-pound Diffrient World chair uses plastic rails, instead of a tension spring, to automatically and smoothly adjust its back support. When you lean, two frames under its seat and lower backrest move down a slope to recline the chair; they rebound when the pressure is relieved.
From $740;

Reach Total Care + Whitening Toothbrush

Whiten your teeth without having to use bleach or chemical-laden products that can cause sensitivity. Each bristle on this toothbrush is embedded with microscopic pellets of calcium carbonate, which gently buff off surface stains while you brush.
From $3;

Sharpie Liquid Pencil

Now students’ notes won’t smudge over time. Instead of solid pencil lead, this Sharpie uses liquid graphite, which is erasable for about a day and bonds with paper slowly over time to become a more permanent mark.

The Smoking Gun

Chefs can now add the smoky flavor of slow cooking without applying heat, preventing less-dense foods like veggies from becoming soggy. This mini-furnace burns wood chips in an aluminum chamber at its front and then pushes only the smoke through an 18-inch tube and into any covered cooking pot.

Sony Alpha SLT-a55VL

This camera moves light unlike any other DSLR to allow its autofocus to keep up with continuous shooting. It replaces the usual mirror with translucent glass, so light can pass through to the image sensor and reflect up to the autofocus sensor, which can then focus the next image before the first one is completed.
$850 (with lens);

SteriPEN Sidewinder

SteriPEN’s purifier can filter water anywhere – even where t here’s no access to electricity or batteries. It’s the first of its kind with a crank-powered ultraviolet light, which zaps toxins from water in its one-liter tank when you turn the crank at 120 rpm.

TAG Heuer Squadra Night Vision Glasses

Even if you’re 20/20, these glasses can improve your night vision. An anti-reflective coating cuts streetlight glare, and its faint yellow tint improves contrast to help pick out objects in the dark.

Thermaltake Level 10

This PC chassis keeps things cool by giving each of its components its own housing. This increases the total surface area, which allows hot air ample room to escape while cooler air enters.

THQ uDraw GameTablet

The uDraw peripheral brings Pictionary (and other sketching gamems) to the Nintendo Wii. The four-by-six inch tablet uses a Wiimote to send swipes from the attached stylus to your TV screen.

Wet Circuits Power Strip

Shocks can easily happen when water gets into empty outlets – something this strip prevents in two ways: It cuts the power supply to any unoccupied plug and it funnels moisture into two side channels that run it out an escape vent at the end of the strip.
Corinne Iozzio
Corinne Iozzio

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