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Modern technology has created some thorny problems (Can a particle accelerator open up a cataclysmic black hole that will destroy the Earth? What the hell should we do with all of these nuclear weapons anyhow?), but perhaps none is so persistent as a (predominantly) female problem known as the little black dress conundrum. As in, “where will I keep my cell phone if I wear this incredibly form-fitting, irresistibly sexy but pocket-less little black dress?” High-tech high-fashion purveyors CuteCircuit have finally found the solution: a dress that IS a cell phone.

The M-dress is a wearable cell phone with a sim card and antenna integrated into the fabric, and while it’s not necessarily perfect, it does make carrying a cell phone around a non-issue. But it also might turn some heads — and not necessarily in a good way. To answer an incoming call, the wearer lifts her hand to her ear like an imaginary telephone and speaks into her imaginary receiver (we’re presuming the receiver tech is actually built into the cuff).

There’s no screen and no other interface of any kind, so you won’t know who’s calling. What’s more, you don’t have a way to dial out, so you can only pre-program a single number. We suggest you make that number the operator, who can patch you through to any number you like. Then you’ll just need to make sure you keep your cell phone with you so you have all your contact info.

Problem solved.

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