An Impressive, Custom Underwater 3-D Camcorder Setup

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Fancy yourself the Steve Zissou of the digital age? Photog Eric Cheng is bringing his underwater footage into the 21st century with a really nice-looking custom dual camcorder setup that lets him shoot Shark Week-worthy video in 3-D.

The BS Kinetics DuoDive housing comes from German photography shop Digi-Dat and allows two LANC-compatible (a protocol for controlling cameras remotely) digital video cameras to be carefully mounted side-by-side within an airtight housing (Cheng opted for two Sony CX550V AVCHD models). A built-in LCD monitor and a few buttons positioned on the backside of the camera allow the user to operate the rig with diving gear on, although as Cheng points out on his blog, there’s no way to control exposure unless you want to rig something up yourself.

You can launch your own 3-D life aquatic for around $3,700. There’s more to the story, as well as photos of the unboxing and assembly process, on Cheng’s blog.

[Eric Cheng via engadget]