Think of this flashlight as a pocket spotlight. At 1,200 lumens—that's about 20 desk lamps—it's the brightest of any single-LED handheld. $300.

In every issue we pick the dozen or so coolest gadgets to hit that month–looking beyond the fare being pushed by your friendly neighborhood Best Buy sales teen, we highlight the gear that’s better, faster or completely different than what’s out there now. Click the gallery thumbnails below to dive in:

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Air Hogs Hawk Eye by Spinmaster

This remote-control copter can shoot clear and steady video. A camera sits in front of the motor, and a computer chip levels the craft in choppy air by adjusting the force and speed of the two three-inch rotors. $65 (est.)

Joby Gorillapod Magnetic

Mount your point-and-shoot almost anywhere. This mini tripod adds extra-strong neodymium magnets on the ends of its bendable, rubberized legs to hold cameras of up to 11.5 ounces onto most metal surfaces. $25

Snapper NXT

A dashboard on the handles of Snapper’s mower tells you when to change the oil, spark plug and air filter. A small onboard computer senses whenever you start and stop mowing and counts down until your next tune-up. $500

Julbo Zulu

Unlike other lenses that switch from dark to light, these won’t suddenly go clear in the shade of your car. Their copper tint is sensitive to visible light rather than ultraviolet rays, so they will stay dark even behind a UV-filtering windshield.. $190

Korg Sound On Sound

Record your own music, and mix it any way you like. Unlike other handheld recorders, Korg’s saves each track both as a separate file and merged with the original, so you can capture dozens of parts and piece together your perfect song later on. $400

ASA Mobo Shift

Even if you want to go backward, you never need to budge from your seat or put a foot down on this low-riding, adult-size trike. Shift its gears to reverse, and the pedals lock onto the front wheel to stop it from spinning forward as you cycle back. $600

Samsung TL 500

The fast lens on this Samsung makes it more versatile than other compacts. Its wide aperture, which controls the focusing distance, keeps close-up subjects in focus while blurring out the background. 450


Think of this flashlight as a pocket spotlight. At 1,200 lumens—that’s about 20 desk lamps—it’s the brightest of any single-LED handheld. $300

HP ProBook S-Series

Rather than a blank start-up screen, HP’s ProBook gives you a snapshot of your day. It saves info from your Outlook calendar in a small, quick-starting app that opens up in less than five seconds, so you can read it while Windows loads. $720

Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Share your music with the person sitting next to you without extra wires or splitters. This headphone pair adds a standard jack on the right ear to send an identical signal to another set of ‘phones. $60

LG LuV300B

LG’s vacuum can go weeks without a cleanout. Its bin fits three times the usual amount of dirt—about 5.3 ounces of dust compared with 1.4—because a motorized paddle at the bottom compacts the debris while it collects it. $400