The Forever Earphones

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Spend hundreds on hi-fi earphones, and they had better last. But even pricey pairs get tossed around like keys. Sleek Audio already started a durability trend with detachable cords that can be replaced if broken. Now its SA7 model is the most hard-wearing overall design we’ve seen.

Machined from a solid hunk of aluminum rather than molded from plastic, the frame is all but crush-proof. The two drivers on a side, each wrapped in shock-absorbent silicone, can withstand 14,000 Gs, let alone routine abuse. In the unlikely event something inside needs fixing, the carbon-fiber cover can be removed by turning a titanium screw.

The build boosts fidelity, too. Aluminum tubes can have thinner walls, leaving more empty space for sound waves and allowing an extra octave of highs. As on other Sleeks, you can swap in new soft tips, treble ports and bass ports to adjust the sound to your taste or even as your hearing changes over time. After all, these will last a while.

Sleek Audio SA7 $350–$400 (est.; available soon); wireless kit $100 (est.)