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The Trend
Sleek, media-savvy phones cram in all the functionality of your TV: high-definition movies, surround sound and online videogames.

Why Now
Powerful new processors can run robust apps, handle high-quality audio, and animate high-resolution screens. And falling flash-memory prices means there’s more room to store your files.

How You’ll Benefit
Access your full media library wherever you have your phone. Some phones even let you use video outputs to plug into an HDTV or home-theater system to enjoy it in full high-def glory.

Samsung Wave

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The 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen on this Samsung displays images more clearly than others. The screen has less glare in bright sunlight because it has fewer layers of glass on top of the diodes, which lets colors come through more vividly. It integrates the touch panel with the outer glass rather than inserting a separate panel.
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Windows Phone 7 Series

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Windows’s new mobile platform takes a page from the Xbox, downloading avatars and gaming history over the Xbox LIVE service. Flip through screens to play downloadable games, which may include poker and puzzles, against other users. The phones are due out later this year.
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LG Mini GD880

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LG’s Mini uses Dolby software to create virtual surround sound in any headphones. It breaks down stereo audio and alters it with timing tricks—the sound of a passing car hits the left ear before the right. Upcoming Dolby-equipped phones will be able to send five-channel surround to a home theater via HDMI cable.
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