Stephen Colbert gave us what we’re going to consider an unofficial shout-out last night when he featured our favorite ambiguously sexual moaning speech ‘bot during the opening segment of his show last night. We stand in horrified solidarity. Clip below.

Granted, the video has made its rounds on the web, and while Colbert didn’t mention us by name (next time, Stephen!), we’re just going to assume that he used our post as a source. We appear to be the only site who retained enough mental faculties after watching such a nightmare to actually figure out what this thing was used for. It’s a speech-training device for the hearing-impaired, if you missed it, and Colbert screen-capped the original study we linked to. This concludes our wishful pat on the back.

You can watch the video and read the original article here. Keep the volume down and the lights on if you can help it.