Giant Spanish Bank HQ Employs Swarm of Guidebots to Keep Visitors From Getting Lost

Donut-shaped robots make life easier for the directionally challenged

In an innovative solution to the problem of crowd control in a business complex filled with 5,500 employees, a banking center in Madrid has assembled a team of stylish, helpful robots to help people navigate. According to the robots’ designers, the helmet-shaped Santander Interactive Guest Assistants (SIGA) are the first machines to use “swarm robotics in a commercial context” — as opposed to, say, in submarine exploration or flying art.

After meeting the robots, guests choose their language and destination on the console’s touchscreen. The robotic butlers then take them anywhere, from the meeting room, to the auditorium, to the exit toward a bus stop.

Check out the video to see the guidebots in action. We daresay that these mechanical donuts are as cute as they are functional.

[via Gizmodo]