Gaming rigs are the Ferraris of computers: They’re speedy and powerful enough to smoke any everyday PC. They have to be, to keep up with the graphics and 3-D effects you see in titles like the new BioShock 2, one of the most visually intense shooters yet. This setup has the processing power and precise control you need to ensure that you never miss a shot.
BioShock 2 $50;

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Monitor: Acer GD 234HZ

This 23.6-inch display’s pixels change 120 times a second, twice as fast as most other monitors, which helps reduce blur in quickly moving action scenes. And when paired with a 3-D graphics card and glasses, it can also display 3-D games in full 1080p.
Acer GD235HZ $400;

Keyboard: Microsoft SideWinder X4

Play faster with a keyboard that can sense 26 presses at once. Using pressure-sensitive panels under each key and multitouch software, it can react to numerous commands. Older models, which use clusters of circuits to detect strokes, can read only four.
Microsoft SideWinder X4 $60;

Headphones: Sound Blaster Wireless Headset

This wireless set makes games sound more realistic. Software on your PC enhances both the high range (pistol shots) and low (rumbling tanks); the result beams over as uncompressed audio.
Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset $160;

Computer: Origin PC EON18

The EON18 is the first laptop to run Intel’s fastest mobile processor and two nVidia graphics cards, and it does so without overheating. Its cooling system has extra rear vents to remove the hot air produced by the high-power chips.
Origin PC EON18 $3,500;

Mouse: Razer Imperator

The Imperator lets you customize your grip by sliding its side buttons about an inch back and forth. And the mouse’s laser is the most sensitive available. You can tune its speed using dedicated buttons without stopping the game.
Razer Imperator $80;