Samsung 9000 Series 3-D TV Is No Thicker Than a Pencil

It's a bit slim

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Samsung is going whole hog into 3-D with their newly announced TV lineup, but at the top is the 9000 series: an LED-backlit panel that’s just 0.3 inches thin. And on its remote. a color touchscreen that can carry broadcast TV while you watch a Blu-ray disc.

The 9000 series features all of the trappings of a high-end HDTV which now of course includes 3-D support via active shutter glasses. Like Toshiba’s Cell TV, the 9000’s processor can also convert your two-dimensional video to 3-D. Also on board is Wi-Fi to connect to the new Samsung Apps store–a bet that we will enjoy loading our Samsung-branded televisions, Blu-ray players and smartphones with applications like those we’re already enjoying on our iPod toches and iPhones.

Samsung didn’t whip out the touchscreen remote at the press conference, but I’m looking forward to two screens at once in their booth tomorrow. Availability is sometime this year, with price currently unknown. Here’s the remore:

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