This fundamental physics course explains the world around us

Learn Einstein’s laws and more through 5.5 hours of video lessons.

If math wasn’t your thing at school, you might have missed out on some interesting science. The Fundamentals of Physics course helps you catch up, with 5.5 hours of fascinating tutorials. The videos reveal the hidden forces that keep your feet on the ground and planes in the air. The course is currently just $9.99 at the PopSci Shop, with lifetime access included.

While chemistry and biology often talk about things we can’t see, physics explains everyday events. From the pull of gravity to the preservation of energy, this course helps you understand why things happen. You learn from great scientists such as Newton and Einstein, and discover how to solve complex physics puzzles.

Unlike high school, this course makes science truly accessible. You don’t need any knowledge of physics to get started, and the lessons explain the math in simple terms. By the end, you should feel comfortable with calculus. Furthermore, the course promotes analytical thinking and problem-solving skills—two attributes that recruiters love.

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