Master the fundamentals of drawing with this creative course bundle

Get the art school experience for $39.

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For some people, artistic talent seems to be innate. But with practice and the right instruction, anyone can learn to draw. Art classes can be expensive, but the Fundamentals of Drawing Bundle provides a creative education that anyone can afford. The bundle includes seven video courses, covering portraits, figures, still life, and much more. You can get it now for $39 at the PopSci Shop.

Whether you’re an aspiring illustrator or a budding comic book creator, learning to draw is pretty essential. It’s not rocket science — you just need to learn a few basic techniques in order to understand form and light.

This bundle helps you master the fundamentals, with 214 video tutorials and loads of subjects to try. You start with the basics, from your pencil grip to analyzing your subject. You then learn about drawing faces and figures, using light lines to create a framework. Meanwhile, the course on shading shows you how to add a photorealistic finish.

With the basics in place, you can explore different styles. This bundle includes courses on drawing comic-book characters and cartoon heads and sketching animals with pastels.

Order now for $39 to get lifetime access to all seven courses, worth $694.

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