How does an idea transform into a game-changer? Television host and electrical engineer Grant Imahara went to Nikola Motor Company HQ to have a conversation with CEO, Trevor Milton, and several others, about the company’s hydrogen-powered semi-truck. He also got to see the zero-emission (aside from water) truck up close.

In this video, Imahara learns that in addition to designing and building these innovative trucks, Nikola is also working with competitors to create a standard for hydrogen fueling—the next gas pump. Hydrogen fuel can be produced from a variety of sources without damaging the environment. And, Nikola’s hydrogen fuel stations will be powered in part by solar power.

The company also has a fleet of electric off-road vehicles, including the Nikola Wav personal watercraft.

After an idea gains acceptance, the next phase is to build a working prototype, which is the subject of the next episode in Mouser’s series, in which Grant Imahara interviews the founder of Arduino, an electronic prototyping platform.

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