These water-resistant Bluetooth earbuds are now $24

Enjoy incredible sound quality with the FRESHeBuds Pro earbuds.

Still clinging to your aging earphones? Now might be a good time to upgrade. The FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds deliver amazing wireless sound for six hours straight. They are also sweat- and water-resistant, so you can listen to your favorite tracks in all weathers. For one day only, they are just $24 at the Popular Science Shop.

These stylish buds offer incredible audio quality for their compact size. Thanks to advanced Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy soaring high notes and thumping bass lines.

With hours of playtime, they are perfect for taking to work. You can answer calls via the built-in mic, and charge the earbuds from flat in just 90 minutes. Being sweat-resistant, the FRESHeBUDS are also great for working out. You can safely run in the rain, and the supplied ear tips ensure a snug fit.

In addition, these earbuds have a neat trick. Both earpieces are magnetic, and the headset turns off when they stick together. When you’re ready for more music, you simply pull the buds apart.

They’re normally $119.95, but you can grab them today for $24 on a Doorbusters special deal.