Mulder and Scully, back at it again!. The X-Files/Fox

When The X-Files went off the air after nine seasons in 2002, the show left right at the beginning of what we now consider the golden age of television (a distinction that began with the first season of The Sopranos in 1999).

Thankfully for those who dressed as FBI agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) for Halloween (ahem), the show, a delightful dramedy that sprinkled conspiracy theory, aliens, and the paranormal weekly on Fridays, will return after a decade-plus hiatus. The show is set to air on Fox later this month for a six-episode miniseries, and critics and fans alike are highly anticipating where Mulder and agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) will pick up.

Fox released a teaser trailer on Wednesday to stoke fans of the show, as well as introduce newbies to the X-Files backstory:

We’ll have more X-Files content on in the coming weeks as we gear up for what has to be considered the premier reboot of the 2016 television season.