Four fun desk toys under $20 to help you destress at work

From ferrofluid to space putty, these gadgets should improve your working day.

When the emails start piling up, everyone needs a little stress relief at work. These fun desk toys at the PopSci Shop should help you forget the inbox overload. Plus, they’re all under $20 so they make great stocking stuffers!

Build-On Brick Mug
Build-On Brick Mug Stack Commerce

Thanks to its blocky texture, this ingenious mug acts as a blank canvas for your creations. You can attach any number of building blocks, and enjoy steaming coffee in style. Some people have even fitted their mug with Lego wheels. The mug is now 50 percent off at $19.99, with four colors to choose from.

Motion Ferrofluid Liquid Desk Sculpture
Motion Ferrofluid Liquid Desk Sculpture Stack Commerce

If you can’t get enough of that good old ferrofluid, here’s another option. With high-grade ferrofluid and proprietary suspension liquid, this display offers an incredible show. It’s normally $24.99, but you can order now for $19.99 with a choice of styles.

Model PPK Rubber Band Gun
Model PPK Rubber Band Gun Stack Commerce

Based on the classic Walther PPK, this semi-automatic rubber band handgun lets you sharpen your aim in the office. Made from maple and walnut, it lets you shoot rubber up to 20 feet. You can grab one now for $19.99 with 50 bands included at 20 percent off MSRP.

LED Toy Planes
LED Toy Planes Stack Commerce

Here’s one for when you’re working late: toy planes that shine after dark. Using the supplied slingshot, you can send your airplane right across the office. You can share the fun with a three-pack for $16.99, saving 32 percent on the regular price.