4 awesome robotics kits for DIY enthusiasts

Make a nerd happy this holiday season with these DIY deals.

Forget making a snowman—every tech lover wants to build a robot this holiday season. These DIY kits at the Popular Science Shop should keep your favorite nerd happy, and you can currently take an extra 15 percent off with code GIFTSHOP15.

SunFounder Raspberry PiCar Kit
SunFounder Raspberry PiCar Kit Stack Commerce

Based around the Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer, the PiCar kit lets you build and code your own RC car, complete with webcam. You can grab the kit now for $149.99 with the Raspberry Pi included.

Raspberry Pi 3 + Speech Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit
Raspberry Pi 3 + Speech Controlled Smart Robot Car Kit Stack Commerce

Want to go a step further? After you build this kit, you can control the finished car using voice commands. You get to work with servos and other cool components, without touching a line of code. Grab the kit now for $169.99.

SainSmart 4WD Robot Car
SainSmart 4WD Robot Car Stack Commerce

This Arduino-powered robot helps you gain experience with controllers, drivers, sensors, and RF modules. The supplied shield also lets you customize your car with relays, buttons, potentiometers, and more. Normally $95.99, the Sainsmart is now $77.99.

MagicKey 3-in-1 DIY MIDI Gamepad Keyboard
MagicKey 3-in-1 DIY MIDI Gamepad Keyboard Stack Commerce

The MagicKey kit lets you create your own gamepad, a DIY musical instrument, or a custom keyboard. It makes a great addition to any Raspberry Pi setup. You can order the kit now for $32.99, saving 17 percent on the regular price.