This DIY drone is the perfect STEM-learning project for this weekend

Save 14 percent on the Force Flyers kit.

You can pick up a basic drone for beer money nowadays. But why let the drone makers have all the fun? The Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone lets you construct your own gyro-stabilized stunt drone from scratch. It’s an awesome project for any tinkerer, and kids will pick up some useful STEM skills. Right now, you can grab the kit for $42.99 at the PopSci Shop.

The Force Flyers quadcopter is based around simple building blocks. As a result, you don’t have to solder anything or work with live electrics.

However, building your drone still involves plenty of science and fun. Just like a Lego kit, you construct your flyer piece by piece. Along the way, you learn about aerodynamics, weight distribution and other interesting stuff. In addition, you can experiment with different designs.

The finished drone has six-axis gyro stabilization and digital proportional control, making it perfect for pilots of all abilities. Experienced flyers can also wow the crowd by pulling 360-degree flips. The ABS parts are crash resistant, and the kit includes plenty of spares.

Normally $49.99, this DIY drone is now just $42.99 with the controller included.