Focus@Will delivers carefully composed sounds to help you concentrate

Enjoy lifetime listening for only $69.95.

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While some sounds are very distracting (e.g. noisy eaters), others can actually improve your focus. Focus@Will brings together a huge collection of music tracks that fall into the focus-enhancing category. Whether you want to tune out of the office chatter or simply concentrate for longer, this popular app can help. Right now, you can get unlimited lifetime listening for only $69.95 at the PopSci Shop.

Used by employees at Apple and SpaceX, Focus@Will helps you tune your brain for the task at hand. Each track in the library has been carefully composed for a specific purpose. Want to come up with creative ideas? There’s a track for that. Need to study? Start the study playlist.

The app, which is available on iOS and Android, offers 50 different channels to choose from. They are sorted by mental state and style — depending on your taste, you can tune into Acoustical, Alpha Chill, Focus Spa, Electro Bach, and many more.

Focus@Will has great reviews on both app stores, and some users have experienced a 400% increase in productivity.

Order now for $69.95 to get unlimited listening for life, worth $299.95.

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