The FLPSDE dual-chamber bottle holds your drinks and your snacks

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When you’re headed for the hills, it’s important to stay hydrated. But when every ounce is weighing you down, your bottle needs to do more than carry water. Enter the FLPSDE Dual-Chamber Water Bottle—a rugged container that keeps your drinks hot or cold, with a secure compartment for snacks and small essentials. You can pick up this outdoor accessory now for just $28.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Constructed entirely from heavy-duty stainless steel, FLPSDE was made for adventure. It’s the perfect size for slipping into your daypack, but it has the liquid capacity to keep you hydrated for hours.

FLPSDE Dual-Chamber Water Bottle
FLPSDE Dual-Chamber Water Bottle Stack Commerce

Like a full-sized vacuum flask, this bottle has a dual-layer outer skin. This ensures that your water will remain ice cold in the summer heat, while your hot cocoa will still be hot at the end of a freezing day. In addition, FLPSDE has a seven-ounce compartment for your snacks — almonds or an energy bar, for instance. Your food gets the same protection as your liquid refreshments.

Being totally BPA-free, FLPSDE won’t tarnish your water. A wide mouth makes the bottle easy to load, and you can easily remove the snack compartment for cleaning.

They’re normally $34.99 each, but you can grab a FLPSDE bottle now for $28.99 with a choice of three colors: Matte Black, Ocean View Blue, and Storm Trooper White.