This FiberFix repair tool can seal windshield cracks and protect exposed wires

This versatile DIY device is now 62 percent off MSRP.

Smaller DIY tasks can be some of the most difficult to handle. When your car windshield gets chipped or your favorite USB cable loses some insulation, the FiberFix Total Repair Tool will help you mend the damage in minutes. This innovative device uses a sticky resin that can seal, build and bond, with 2000 pounds of strength. You can grab a two-pack of Repair Tools now for just $14.99 at the PopSci Shop.

You don’t need any special skills to use this tool. Using the precision nozzle, you simply apply the resin like glue. The difference is, the FiberFix resin can be molded to form a new surface. As a result, you can fill cracks and protect exposed wiring with ease. Being super strong, the resin can also be used to reinforce weak joins and crumbling old plastic.

The resin sticks to most surfaces—metal, plastic, glass, wood, and so on. It cures in the air, but you can accelerate the process using the UV light on the Repair Tool. Once set, the resin can be sanded to a smooth finish.

Normally $40, this two-pack of FiberFix Repair Tools is now just $14.99.