FiberFix repair wrap Is 100 times stronger than duct tape

It's as strong as steel and you can save 31 percent on three-packs.

Normally speaking, you would need some serious welding ability to repair a snapped metal bar. But with FiberFix Repair Wrap, anyone can create a new bond that is as strong as steel. Seriously. This incredible material sets hard in just ten minutes and it’s ridiculously easy to apply. Right now, you can get a three-pack for just $12.99 in the Popular Science Shop.

For decades, duct tape has been used for rushed DIY repairs. It stops things from actually falling apart, sure, but without offering any support whatsoever. A broken shovel wrapped in duct tape is still a broken shovel. In contrast, FiberFix can support weight-bearing joints and even hold together your car exhaust.

To apply the wrap, you simply soak FiberFix in water. This makes it flexible enough to wrap around the break. After ten minutes, the wrap sets hard like metal. In addition, FiberFix becomes completely waterproof, so you can use it to repair broken pipework. It sticks to virtually any surface, and you can easily keep a roll in your bag.

Three rolls of FiberFix are worth $18.99, but you can grab this multipack now for just $12.99.