Facebook’s A.I. Is Getting Way Smarter

Advancements in computer vision and translation

Facebook likes to say that more images are posted on their platform than any other in the world, and yesterday Mark Zuckerberg reiterated the importance of video on Facebook. But until recently, services like Facebook haven’t been able to do much with these photos except show them to other users.

In the last few years, Facebook has rolled out features powered by artificial intelligence like automatic photo tagging, and now that feature is going to get a lot more powerful. By leveraging the same kind of A.I. that is able to recognize people in photos, the algorithm will read the objects in the photos that you Like, and then add that to its virtual dossier about you. This will help it rank the News Feed for you.

So if you’re a fan of ice cream and Like photos on Facebook of ice cream all the time, Facebook will learn that and show you pictures of ice cream more often.

This comes after last week’s announcement which uses similar technology to tell visually-impaired Facebook users