Visualization is a tool used by many top athletes. By rehearsing for success, you train your mind for the real thing. The Everyday Visionary Planner invites us to do the same each morning. This innovative journal also helps you to appreciate what you have achieved and stay focused on the tasks ahead. You can get yours now for $24.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Most successful people do not stumble from one day to the next. They see the bigger picture and focus on the small steps they can take towards those long-term goals. The Everyday Visionary planner helps you adopt this productive mindset with daily prompts.

The planner asks you to begin each day by visualizing upcoming events and your desired outcomes. You can also write down your most important tasks, along with ideas and notes. At the end of each week, you are invited to review your accomplishments and record any lessons learned.

The Everyday Visionary planner contains 12 weeks’ worth of undated pages, bound inside a beautiful paper cover. It is made in the USA using ethical labor and premium materials.

It’s normally $36, but you can get the planner now for $24.99.

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