Popular Science’s “Future Of” on the Science channel gives viewers a weekly glimpse into the future of combat, adventure, superhumans and more. Tonight, the show takes things inside the homes, kitchens and cars of our future selves in the “Future Of: Habitat”

Tonight, see how your future morning routine will include putting a drop of blood on a DNA chip that scans your body for disease. Next, a computer embedded in your closet, called Mirror Mirror will help you dress in the very best outfit for you body type. Your home will be powered by a synthetic paint that performs photosynthesis, just like a leaf. A robotic car will allow you to commute to work bumper-to-bumper at 200 miles per hour. And, your smart home can monitor your kids 24/7, even helping with their education. No need to worry about getting them to the school bus on time! Just leave them with the living room…

See it for yourself on The Science Channel tonight at 9 PM EST and PST. For more on the show, check out the Science Channel’s Future Of page, and for a chat with your guide to the Future Now, check out our interview with Baratunde here. Enjoy!