PopSci Photo Contest Winner!

We've chosen our latest winner -- and a new theme


Owen Wolter (See it bigger!)

We are happy to announce the latest winner of PopSci's rolling reader photo contest: Owen Wolter.

The theme for the next contest is Spooky Science -- let's see what you've got! Upload your entries to our Flickr pool

Here's what Owen says about himself:

"My name is Owen Wolter, and I am student, and a self titled "story-teller photographer" in a little city called Windsor, Ontario in Canada. Windsor is the only city in Canada that is literally south of the United States (south of Detroit). When not using my main digital SLR (Sony a100) to capture shots for my photoblog www.windsorvisuals.com , I occasionally use a 35mm film SLR (Minolta Maxxum GT) to capture the rich tones of nature. This fall I sought to understand the science behind the rich tones that can be found in nearly every type of tree. More importantly, I wanted to get a photo that represents exactly what happens when chlorophyll production in leaves slows down due to colder and longer nights. I learned that with chlorophyll mainly out of the way, two other chemicals in plants, anthocyanins and carotenoids are free to produce amazingly rich colors for seasonal walkers and photographers alike to enjoy. I took this photo in mid October, and was surprised by the resulting display of rich tones of a maple tree, which came straight from the lens and without any need for post-processing touchups! Other photos from my seasonal study are on my blog, and my Flickr photostream."