Another awesome set of entries to the_ PopSci_ photo contest. Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to this week’s winner for the theme “Technology We Love”: Phillip Evans (via our Flickr pool).

For all of you photogs, another contest is in the works. After the jump, get the low down. And as always, happy shooting!

About the winner:

Photographers, join the fun. Upload your photos, and the editors’ pick will be highlighted on the site, along with a short profile of the photographer. The next contest’s theme is “Need for Speed” (which leaves you plenty of room for interpretation) and our winner will be chosen in two weeks.

A few guidelines:

  • All photos must be taken by the submitting photographer. Do not submit other people’s work.
  • Please include, in the info section on the submission page, a short explanation of what the photograph is and how it exemplifies Technology You Love.
  • There is no cap on submissions per photographer. Please enter as many of your pieces as you’d like.

Click here to submit your photos and view other entries. You must join the group to view all entries.

Good luck!


Fireworks never cease to amaze us.

Grape Annihilation

High speed photo of a grape being shot with .177 cal pellet. The poor grape stood little chance and theres not much of a grape to be shown in this image! ;O) The pellet can be seen on the left of the image.

In The Toaster

Last week’s winner rocks it again!


Moving Sidewalk, Moving Ceilings

Technology We Love

‘Nuff said.


Popsci loves fast cars.


Technology that could be called “primitive”(if you still consider hundreds of parts working together primitive) still is considered one of the technology we love, but sadly not in the spotlight despite having the world’s most important job.