Not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning at work. Rather than melting in the summer heat, you might want to try the EvaPolar evaLIGHT desktop air conditioner. You can use this smart device anywhere to create a cool microclimate, helping you beat the heat. Right now, the evaLIGHT is only $149 at the PopSci Shop.

If you work in a small office, you probably don’t have room for a regular air conditioner. The same applies in most workshops and basement areas during the summer months. But with the evaLIGHT, limited space is no problem. Measuring less than seven inches along each edge, this compact device can help you stay cool in any environment.

Using evaporation, the evaLIGHT creates a pocket of cool air that measures around 3 m2 (32 ft2). The device also acts as a humidifier, while the built-in air filter helps to purify the air. You can run evaLIGHT on AC power or go mobile with USB power. The device is very energy efficient, and because it has an internal tank, you don’t even need an outflow.

It normally retails for $199, but you can get the EvaPolar evaLIGHT now for $149.