Keep cool at work with the EvaSMART 2 personal air conditioner

Get this desktop A/C and air purifier now for $199.

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Not every workplace is blessed with air conditioning. When the summer heat ramps up, you can find yourself melting at your desk. EvaSMART 2 offers a simple solution. This desktop device creates a cool microclimate, meaning you stay comfortable while your colleagues sweat. It also works as a humidifier and air purifier, helping you breathe more easily. You can grab the EvaSMART 2 now for $199 via the PopSci Shop.

EvaSMART 2 Stack Commerce

Most A/C units are pretty large. Even the portable units have to be rolled around on castors. The EvaSMART 2 is a completely different animal. This compact eight-inch cube uses natural evaporative cooling to reduce the ambient temperature. Using just 12.5W of power, it can cover an area of 33 feet.

This desktop A/C doesn’t even need an outflow. All you have to do is empty the built-in water tank after six to eight hours of use. The EvaSMART 2 easily fits on your desk, and it operates very quietly.

Aside from cooling, the device is able to add humidity and filter out pollution. You can adjust these features via touchscreen controls, with the companion smartphone app, or through your smart speaker.

Order now for $199 to get this office essential, worth $269.

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