Christmas Story Leg Lamp Indoor or Outdoor
Get a leg up on next holiday season. Think Geek

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Eufy Smart Bulb

All sweetness and light. Amazon

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This deal brightened my morning. For the next couple of days, Eufy has white smart bulbs available for a hair more than $12—they are typically between $18-20.

Kindle Book Deals

Business books and biographies. Amazon

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If you want to start 2018 off with a new book, Amazon has deals on a smattering Kindle biographies and business-themed books. They are up to 80 percent off.

A scale for sale

Nokia Body+ Wi-Fi scale. Amazon

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If you’ve got fitness-related goals for the New Year, a scale can help you track body weight, as well as body fat and water weight percentages. These types of scales are nowhere near as accurate as a specialty pod you might have access to at your doc’s office, but there’s little better for an at-home peek at your body composition. Most importantly, this black Nokia Body+ Wi-Fi scale is currently 40 percent off. The scale supports multiple users, connects to your smartphone, and etells you the weather. $60.

Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Amazon

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Unsurprisingly, the first few weeks of December is ripe with health and exercise deals. For example, if you’ve been eyeing a balance ball chair, you can snag this 20-inch-tall one from Gaiam in one of eight colors. Today only, it’s 31 percent off. The chair can hold up to 300 pounds. $55. Other models can be found here.

Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Get a leg up on next holiday season. Think Geek

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Score! 80 percent off a leg lamp from one of the most iconic holiday movies. It has a wire frame and uses 35 mini 120-volt lights to make it shine. From $90 down to $18? I’d buy it.

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