The cyber security sector is growing massively right now, and ethical hackers are in demand. If you want to hack for a living or just secure your own network, the Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle offers 76 hours of training. It includes nine courses, working toward the globally-recognized CompTIA Security+ exam. You can grab the training now for $43 at the Popular Science Shop.

Most larger companies now take cyber security very seriously. It only takes one rogue download to bring the whole organization to a standstill. To make life difficult for malicious hackers, security professionals use pentesting to find and plug weaknesses. This bundle helps you learn these professional hacking skills through hands-on video lessons. It’s also great for anyone who cares about their own security.

After installing the key tools of the hacking trade, you discover how to run your first attacks with Metasploit. The bundle helps you compromise computers, crack passwords and infiltrate WiFi networks. You also learn about social engineering and bug bounty programs, before preparing for the CompTIA exam.

This bundle is worth over $1000, but you can get it now for just $43.