When you fix what you have instead of buying a replacement, it can be enormously satisfying. Whether a screw falls off your glasses and disappears into a parallel universe filled with solo socks and car keys, or you notice a hole in your couch just before your in-laws come to visit, something will break. Be ready to quickly address common mishaps by having the right tools for the job.

Spectacle upkeep: Eyeglass Repair Tool Kit

Keep Your Frames Tight

For tiny problems. Amazon

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Broke your glasses again? Choose from 14 sizes of screws, hold onto it with the kit’s tweezers, grab one of the included Flathead or Phillips head screwdrivers, and fix your glasses in no time. These screwdrivers can also be used for watches and other electronics with tiny components. A handy keychain screwdriver makes minor adjustments convenient—to keep you from losing that screw in the first place.

For patch-ups: Artika Sewing Kit

Keep Your Clothing For Longer

Another hole? Darn it. Amazon

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Reattach a button. Give Fred the dinosaur an emergency operation before your child notices his leg is falling off. And yes, darn that hole in your favorite pair of socks. You can do all of this and more with the needles, thimble, seam ripper, scissors, safety pins, buttons, and 38 colors of thread in this sewing kit. Stow it in your glove compartment, pack it in your luggage, or stash it in a drawer at work to conquer a sudden clothing mishap.

Multi-purpose fixer: Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit

Essential Upkeep

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Patching leather or vinyl isn’t something people do every day, but the instructional videos and ebook included with this kit make it simple. The wide selection of repair compounds allows you to match the color of your couch, car seat, or jacket, and restore damage from scratches, burns, and holes. A manufacturer guarantee and personalized customer service will make you feel a little less horrified the next time Chompers lives up to her name and nibbles on your boots.

For easy zipping: Zipper Rescue Zipper Repair Kits

Up And Down With Ease

Please don’t safety pin your pants. Amazon

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Broken zippers are frustrating—and can cause both unexpected drafts in jackets and the loss of important items from your purse or bag. With this clever kit, you can repair damaged or broken sliders (the tab you pull up or down to zip or unzip) and make your clothing and accessories as good as new. An illustrated instruction manual walks you through the process in minutes.

For your devices: iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

DIY Saviour

Triage your valuables. Amazon

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Do you ever take things apart just to figure out how to put them back together? If so, you’ll love these tools designed to help you fix your smartphone, Nintendo consoles, and more. If you don’t yet know what a spudger is (a wedge tool that can pry things apart) there will be a bit of a learning curve, but the iFixit installation guides and customer forum will set you on the right path to DIY glory.