Cold and flu season is closer than you think. With the chillier temperatures and crisp autumn air making its way into our lives, we need to prepare ourselves and our immune systems for the oncoming viruses of the season; however, that doesn’t mean we need to fill our medicine cabinets. Washing our hands is, of course, vital, but there are a variety of essential oil products that supplement our health routines and are effective at keeping our immune systems in top-notch condition. Here are four of our favorites.

Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray

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We touch many surfaces throughout the day, and if you use public transportation of any kind, you know those poles on the buses and trains are just teeming with germs; however, most hand sanitizers use harsh alcohol that leaves skin dry and cracked. Luckily, Everyone Hand Sanitizer utilizes vegetable glycerin and vitamin E to keep your hands healthy and happy. Each bottle also uses pure essential oils to incorporate both aromatherapy and the disinfecting properties natural plant oils bring.

doTERRA On Guard

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If you’ve got an essential oil diffuser, you’re going to love this oil blend during cold and flu season. Combining wild orange peel, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary, it provides both immune support and cleansing properties. Add three to four drops of On Guard to your diffuser and it helps disinfect the air. You can also add it to some water to create a natural disinfecting surface cleaner. This is great for home diffusers or even if you work in an environment where germs are often spread.

Sacred Life Rollerball Kit

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The Sacred Life Rollerball Kit makes it easy as pie to stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Each blend—Defense, Breathe, Energize, and Skin—is crafted to keep you well and support you if you’ve become sick. The rollerballs are various blends of high-quality essential oils, which are mixed with fractionated coconut oil, making them safe to put directly on the skin. With the rollerballs you don’t have to worry about mixing the oils with a carrier oil for safe use, it’s already done for you. Just roll and go!

Dr. Schultz’s Air Detox

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Though this would seem like the perfect accessory for disinfecting the air around ourselves on a crowded bus or subway, this is actually perfect for your car. Dr. Schultz’s Air Detox is formulated with 100 percent pure essential oils that are known for their antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Just a couple of spritzes of this, and you can say goodbye to airborne toxins. This is perfect for your vehicle, bathroom, or other high trafficked areas. This not only cleans the air, but also freshens up the space with an energizing and uplifting scent.

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