Become a certified MATLAB master with this training bundle

Take five courses for $29.

If you want to work in engineering or data science, it pays to know MATLAB. This specialist programming language is perfect for handling data and producing visualizations. The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle helps you master the code, with five in-depth courses. You can get the bundle now for $29 on a pre-Black Friday deal at the PopSci Shop.

With the rise of machine learning, MATLAB and Simulink skills are more valuable than ever. This training shows you how to design your own intelligent programs and get certified as a data expert.

The training starts from scratch but covers a wide range of topics. Through concise video lessons, you discover how to write simple models and run physical simulations in MATLAB. You also learn how to analyze data via Excel, build machine learning algorithms, and even model a Tesla electric car. The skills you learn can be applied to a wide range of careers, from engineering to finance.

Each course includes multiple projects, meaning you get a ton of hands-on experience. You can also download a certificate of completion with every course—a great addition to any résumé.

The training is worth $549 in total, but you can grab it now for $29.