Your parents may have told you to never play with fire, but now that you’re an adult in your own place, and a bit of finagling may be needed to get a hearth that gives off steady heat. Check out these tools to help you stoke the flames.

Total package: Amagabeli Garden and Home Fire Tool Set

Everything In One Place

Designed for any house. Amazon

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This old school tool set has everything you need to get your fire started and keep it burning this winter. The 31-inch-tall wrought iron set hangs four of your essential fireplace tools on its sturdy base—tongs, a fireplace poker, a shovel, and a brush, all with easy-to-grab handles.

Keep tidy: Panacea Ash Bucket

Clean Up The Mess

Easily transported to your garbage can with its metal handle. Amazon

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Don’t fret about finding somewhere to ditch the fire’s ashes. This Panacea ash bucket is approximately 14 inches deep, so it will fit ashes from plenty of fires. A pocket also holds the shovel attached to its black steel bucket, so you’ll be ready to clean up at any time. This bucket would match nicely alongside the fire tool set above.

Easy grabber: Epica Fireplace Tongs

To Keep A Safe Distance

Fully strengthened to stand up to the heat of the fire. Amazon

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Rocky Mountain fireplace tongs are perfect for getting your fire stirred whether it’s in your hearth or backyard pit. These tongs are made to pick up heavy and odd-shaped pieces of wood and durable enough to use on a daily basis. The great thing about the Epica’s 26-inch length is that it places you a safe length away from the flame. You can fold these up easily to store them away during the warmer months.