Start your career in Cloud computing with this 4-part certification training

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From file storage to task management, cloud-based apps are becoming ever more important to companies and large organizations. Unsurprisingly, people with cloud computing skills are in demand. The Essential Cloud Computing Lifetime Bundle helps you become a certified expert, with four courses working toward respected professional exams. Right now, you can get the training for $19 at the PopSci Shop.

From Dropbox and DocuSign to Salesforce and Asana, most of the platforms we use today are based in the cloud. What’s more, many top companies are now deploying their own cloud computing solutions. This bundle helps you master this IT niche, with 331 hands-on tutorials and loads of hands-on practice.

The lessons start from scratch, teaching you the terminology used by cloud developers. You also learn how cloud apps work with different platforms, and you discover the difference between cloud computing and virtualization. The courses even prepare you for the professional environment, with tutorials that discuss governance and security. These skills are highly valued in IT and project management, and you should come away with the knowledge to pass four top exams (incl. CompTIA).

Worth $499, the courses are now just $19 with lifetime access included.