Most of the D2545 printer—about 85 percent of the plastic, even in its ink cartridges—is recycled. And the gray casing was created without chemical bleaches or dyes.
HP Deskjet D2545 $50 (est.);

Not Just Pulp

To get more out of each tree, Xerox uses not only the pulp but also the woody lignin fibers. So this paper needs half as many trees, fewer chemicals and less water.
Xerox High Yield Paper $44 per carton;

Green Screen

Lenovo’s 20-inch LCD reduces the number of backlight bulbs from six to two, halving power consumption and slashing the use of toxic lead, mercury and cadmium.
Lenovo ThinkVision L200p $300;

Instant Turnoff

Using an infrared sensor to detect body heat, this power strip knows when you leave your desk and turns off six of its outlets for devices like printers.
Watt Stopper Isolé IDP-3050 $90;

Center of Power

A concept for a Green Plug device incorporates charging ports, a USB hub and a network router.