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Polaris has just introduced an electric version of the Ranger 400 side-by-side. This is very exciting to me. As you may remember, I’m the guy who built a rather non-green jet turbine side-by-side, but 114 dB does get old after a while.

It looks like the electric Ranger can do about what you would expect from a serious ATV, as it’s built on the tough Ranger platform, only electric. They are giving it a 30 HP 48-volt AC induction electric motor, a 25 mph top speed, and a 11.5 kilowatt battery that should give it a range of 35 to 45 miles. It will charge off a regular 110-volt outlet. With on-demand four-wheel drive, a hard-working suspension, and the ability to switch to one-wheel rear drive for turning tight corners, this is no golf cart.

The ATV will be available for testing in the next few months, so I’ll file a full road test once I get a chance to beat on one.