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New York City was full of mysteries this week: Who was the idiot that approved the low-flying plane? Does being near the swine flu outbreak in Queens outweigh the benefits of all the delicious ethnic food in that borough? Who misplaced their 60-pound tortoise?

Also in today’s links: sadistic spider sex, questionable professional practice and more.

  • A collection of 2,000 species of Chinese fungi is set to be repatriated. The specimens were sent to the U.S. 70 years ago, after the Japanese invaded China, are set to be repatriated.
  • Traumatic insemination indeed: within one species of spider, the males pierce the females’ abdomens, and then fertilize the eggs while still in the ovaries. It’d make a good episode of Green Porno, if they were to revisit spiders.
  • A college professor posts a video on YouTube of himself singing to a hooker, and sends email blasts asking students help him get thousands of views for online videos: Is it research? An appropriate use of social media? Unethical?
  • If you are prone to dropping your cell phone into a “fountain” (by which of course we mean “toilet”), hope is nigh. Sharp is coming out with a waterproof mobile — with the added bonus of a solar panel that can give you a minute of talk time for one minute in the sun.
  • Barack Obama kept pretty busy for his first 100 days, as evidenced by his Facebook feed.