Climate Change Never Looked So Good

Stunning images show the science of global climate change

Gavin Schmidt, NASA climate scientist and one of the nonsense-dispelling bloggers at RealClimate, teamed up with photographer Joshua Wolfe to create the new book Climate Change: Picturing the Science. According to its creators, the book illustrates climate change science through “arresting images and lucid explanations of the science of global warming and the pursuit of global cooperation in adopting new, sustainable ways of living.”

Check out a selection of the book’s most breathtaking images in’s Gallery: Climate Change Never Looked So Good.

Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska
The Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska, in 2004
Sea Levels and Our Cities
The Glass Frog
Coal-Fired Power Plants
Lake Mead, behind the Hoover Dam
Svartsengi power plant
Methane Leaks
The American Southwest (Ch-ch-ch-changes)
Flood Barriers