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PopSci is celebrating Earth Day in all kinds of green ways! Check out our gallery to see what we’re doing for the planet today, and to discover the science behind our decisions.

Tell us what you’re doing to keep the planet happy this Earth Day- and every day- by leaving a comment below.

Happy Earth Day from!

I Clean My Kid Green

“I use the water from my infant son’s bath time to water my plants.” Matthew Cokeley, Art Director, Popular Science

I Pee Green

“I have a dual-flush toilet, which saves water by offering two flushing options: one that uses half the usual water, for easy-to-clean pee, and one full-strength, for situations we’d rather not discuss in public.” Lauren Aaronson, Senior Associate Editor, Popular Science

I DIY Recycle

“I fashioned a plastic juice bottle into a handy receptacle for holding plastic grocery bags so I can reuse them. If any of our readers needs one, I’m the guy to go to.” Doug Cantor (aka Mr. Doug), Senior Associate Editor, Popular Science

I Play Outside

“My favorite green habit is riding my bike anywhere in my town on Saturday & Sunday a€“ to the store, to fields to play Ultimate, the pool (in Summer), etc.” Gregg Hano, Group Publisher, Popular Science Media Group

I Am Registered Green

“I registered for organic baby bath towels, and organic infant t-shirts.” Stephanie O’Hara, Senior Designer, Popular Science

I Heart Farmers’ Markets

“I go to the Union Square Greenmarket here in Manhattan at least twice a week. I love talking to the farmers and learning about where my food comes from, as well as knowing that the people, animals, and land involved in its production are happy and healthy!” Taylor Hengen, Digital Content Manager,

I’m Getting a Garden Plot

“I am going to obtain a key and get on the list for a plot at the Clinton community garden in my neighborhood. A garden is a rarity in New York. That way I’ll be able to escape to a sanctuary of community-grown plant life and help it flourish and survive in all the craziness that is this city ; a small but steady step in the right direction.” Jenny Smith, Operations and Account Manager, PopSci Media Group

I Hydrate

“My Sigg and I are inseparable. Switching over to a re-usable water bottle is an easy way to make a big impact and develop a healthier lifestyle. In honor of Earth Day, I also walked to work, but my footprint is already pretty small. I only wear a size six.” Amber Sasse, Editorial Intern, Popular Science and

I Ride and Rescue Bicycles

“When the workday’s done, I plan to bike home past my neighborhood junkyard and pick up a bike frame to rehabilitate into a working two-wheeler, bringing the standing fleet of guest-ready bikes in my home to five. When my sister arrives first thing tomorrow Ifrom San Francisco, she and her husband will have bikes at their disposal for their visit.” Jacob Ward, Deputy Editor, Popular Science

I Plant Trees

“I’m celebrating Earth Day with New York Restoration Project (NYRP), a group founded by Bette Midler that plants trees in East Harlem. My wife and I also sponsored a tree last year, and the group has a big event going on today.” Jesse Parker, Digital Account Manager, Popsci Media Group

I Take Public Transportation

“I am in love with all forms of public transportation… Even if they’re sometimes smelly in August.” Susannah F. Locke, Assistant Editor, Popular Science

I BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

“My wife and I have become addicted to using our own bags when we go shopping. In particular, we love Envirosax, which roll up into a tiny ball that you can stuff into your coat pocket, purse or glove compartment. Despite being lightweight, they’re super sturdy and can easily hold the contents of two grocery bags. We’ve probably saved well over 100 plastic shopping bags since we started using these this winter. It’s not the biggest planet-saving thing you can do, but every little bit helps, right?” Bjorn Carey, Senior Associate Editor, Popular Science “I hate using plastic bags all the time (very unhealthy for the environment) so I bring a Whole Foods bag with me every time I buy groceries. I reuse the same cloth bag every time I go shopping. It’s “green” conscious plus super light and fits over my shoulder—so it’s even easier to carry!” Alexis Costa, Sales Development Manager, PopSci Media Group