Solar Sails for the Filthy Rich

Nothing says green like throwing green at a problem

Solar Sails

Solar Sailor

Lets say you're rich. Really rich. Richer than all hell. And you want to "go green." Before you answer with "cut back on my private jetting" or "unload a house or two," pause for a moment and recall just how filthy wealthy you are.

Yup. Solar sails for your super yacht.

An Australian-based tech firm, Solar Sailor, is working on just that—massive sails embedded with solar panels. A computer pivots the sails toward the sun (it's always sunny in the French Riviera!) and the energy collected is used to power the yacht. CEO Robert Dane thinks a whopping 10 percent of the fuel consumption could be offset by the panels. Ten percent? Wonder how much energy you'd save by turning down the jets on your diamond-encrusted hot tub.

[Via CNN]