In addition to drowning polar bears and winning Al Gore a Nobel Prize, climate change may have serious public health consequences. But thanks to Vice President Cheney, you may not find out what those health implications are until you feel them. Today a former Environmental Protection Agency official said Cheney pushed for the deletion of key components of congressional testimony.

Jason Burnett, who until recently served as senior adviser on climate change to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson, claims that Cheney lobbied for six of the 14 pages of testimony by Center for Disease Control Director Julie Gerberding to be redacted from congressional record. Those deleted pages included a list of the most likely and profound health consequences of global climate change.

As reported by the Associated Press, Burnett believes Cheney sought the reductions to prevent future regulation of carbon dioxide emission. Originally, the White House said the pages were deleted because the science underlying the assertions was inaccurate. The content of the six deleted pages is still unknown, and continuing investigations into White House influence over government scientists promise to uncover even more similar actions.