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Granted, a pair of shoes made from straw and latex probably won’t leave you “gellin’,” for more, but these 2005 kicks from Tete Knecht Design are a creative take on the (re) “new” (ed) emphasis on living an eco-lifestyle. In fact, some designers are starting to find the green groove.

This snappy Starbright Satchel from award-winning designer Lenor Mendoza, for example, is a small step for handbags, but a large leap for green fashion that you actually might spend your hard-earned green cash on. Created from 100% recycled plastic (aka PETE), this bag is attractive, versatile, water-resistant, and affordable. And when was the last time you ever said “affordable” with a green design, Toyota Prius? That’s the inconvenient truth about most green designs—high price. Refreshingly, you can purchase the Starbright Satchel for $40 from Now that’s a step in the right direction.