Thanks to all who entered the first PopSci photo contest. You certainly didn’t make the job of picking a winner easy, but after much deliberation we chose Piper vonSederholm’s beautiful shot of a Sea Nettle jellyfish.

The first contest was such a hit, we’re rolling out another. This week’s theme: The Man-Made World. Drop your best shots into the pool. Full rules (and more info about Piper’s photo), after the jump.

From Piper vonSederholm:

Photographers! We want to feature your work on Upload your photos, and the editors’ pick will be highlighted on the site, along with a short profile of the photographer. This week’s contest’s theme is “The Man-Made World” (which leaves you plenty of room for interpretation) and our winner will be chosen on Friday, August 15, 2008.

A few guidelines:

  • All photos must be taken by the submitting photographer. Do not submit other people’s work.
  • Please include, in the info section on the submission page, a short explanation of what the photograph is and how it exemplifies The Man-Made World.
  • There is no cap on submissions per photographer. Please enter as many of your pieces as you’d like.

Click here to submit your photos and view other entries. You must join the group to view all entries.

Good luck!

See last week’s runners-up here.


Raquet-Tailed Hummingbirds

Evolution has developed these birds’ interesting tail shapes and white, feathery “boots.”

Greenback Beetle

A beetle’s vivid green color

Sea Nettle Jellyfish—This Week’s Winner!

Sea Nettle jellyfish can occur in either white or orange-red colors

Fig Vines

Notice all of the ferns growing on the top of the dead tree!

Dumbbell Nebula

30 minute exposures of Luminance, Red, Green and Blue


A Photo-Illustration

Gold Flowers

At twilight, when everything else turned a bluish haze, these little flowers stood out in a bright gold rebellion

Swarm of Bees

This is behavior that honeybees exhibit when searching for a new hive location

Seed Like Wings

Seed Pods from a Japanese Maple tree


Gunpowder, magnesium, strontium = fireworks. Gatlinburg, TN.