So it’s not happening quite as quickly as we’d been told in previous stories on the subject, but the 3D revolution does seem to be coming. One of the hold-ups has been convincing theater owners to upgrade to projection and display systems that can handle this new wave of 3D tech–it takes around $75,000 to switch over an old theater. But the 3D companies have been arguing that this upgrade enables theaters to become more than just movie houses: They can show concerts, sporting events, even operas in 3D, and charge more per seat.

Recently this proved to be more than a boast when a Hannah Montana concert drew an average of $45,000 per screen, a take that blows away the average movie.

Fortune has a great round-up of all the different players in the 3D space, plus a few of the upcoming movies we can expect to feature the third dimension, including this summer’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, based on Jules Verne’s novel.