A few enterprising gamers have managed to port the popular shooter game Quake 3 onto the iPhone and iPod Touch. A YouTube video recently put into circulation shows how they’ve taken advantage of the devices’ built-in accelerometers and touch-screen capability. Basically, you move around by tilting the iPhone or iPod, and tap the screen to blast bad guys. They’ve set it up so that multi-player games are possible, too.

The experience of playing on the iPhone or iPod might not match what you get with a traditional gaming console, but that’s not really the point. This is a pretty cool technical feat, and, in terms of gaming on the iPhone, it’s just the start. The release of the iPhone Software Development Kit, which opens the gadget to outside developers, should lead to a whole slew of games appearing on the device. EA showed off an iPhone version of Will Wright’s Spore, for example.

Via Coolest Gadgets